North Pacific Yearly Meeting

of the Religious Society of Friends (QUAKERS)

Coordinating Committee Minutes of April 10, 2010

Coordinating Committee
North Pacific  Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends
April 10, 2010
Held at Olympia Friends Meetinghouse, Olympia  Washington

 CC4/10.1  Clerk Elee Hadley gathered the meeting with open worship.  Present were:
 Sharon Moore (Agate Passage);
 Alice Robb (Bellingham);
 Lou Landry (Boise  Valley);
 Chris Cradler (Bridge City);
 Michael  Williams (Eugene);
 Jim Humphrey (Heartland);
 Ted Etter, member and  Annual Session General  Arrangements (Missoula);
 Annis Bleeke, member and  Assistant Clerk (Multnomah);
 Beth Rodman (Olympia);
 Clint  Weimeister, member and Information and  Technology (Port  Townsend);
 Margaret Coahran (Pullman-Moscow);
 Keith Kohan (Salem);
 Melody  Ashworth (South Mountain);
 Kristina Sullivan (Tacoma);
 David  Wright (University);
 Jonathan Brown (South Seattle);
 Rae Lawrence (Walla  Walla);
 Elee Hadley, Clerk (Umpqua  Valley);
 Jane Snyder, Recording Clerk (Multnomah/Isolated);
 Norm Pasche,  Treasurer (Spokane);
 Janet Jump,  Annual Session Presiding Clerk (Bridge City);
 Don Goldstein, Outreach and  Visitation, (Bellingham)
 Diane Hollister,  Youth Committee (Multnomah);
 Pam Melick, Nominating (Bridge City);
 Ezra Black,  Young Friend (Eugene)

Clerks of the Committee on Ministry and Oversight, Committee on Finance and Legal, Committee on the Discipline, Committee on Peace and Social Concerns, and Site Committee were not present.

Our opening worship was inspired by Judge Edwin Markham’ s poem remembered from ELee’ s father:
 Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout.  He drew a circle that shut me out.  But Love and I had the wit to win.   We drew a circle that took him in.

Thanks were given to Beth Rodman of Olympia Meeting for arranging the food and to
Alan Mountjoy-Venning of Olympia Meeting for arranging hospitality .

Friends were invited to share on the topic, “How does our metaphorical or actual physical garden grow?”

CC 4/10.2  Minutes of November 2009 CC approved with correction to explanation of item CC1 1/09.4 as follows:  replace seventh sentence with: “It was also  approved  that a summary comparing budgets with expenditure reports for the last five years would be available during the budget process.”

CC 4/10.3  Executive Committee report  
 The Exec Comm, consisting of  Elee Hadley, Coordinating Committee Clerk;   Annis Bleeke, Coordinating Committee  Associate Clerk; Janet Jump, NPYM Presiding Clerk; Norm Pasche, Treasurer,  and John  Allcottt, Clerk of Ministry & Oversight Committee, has been meeting by phone conference twice between meetings of Coordinating Committee to consider items requiring approval.  

Nominations  approved  in the interim include:  Meghann  Willard for Junior Friends  Advisor, Ann Dusseau for Epistle Committee, Nancy Ewert and Clarissa Boyaijain for  Youth Committee, Jonathan Betz-Zall, Archivist, Clint  Weimeister, clerk of I&T, and Pam Melick, clerk of Nominating Committee.

In January the Executive Committee's discussion of the status of MGOF included  Will McDowell, clerk of MGOF and Don Goldstein, clerk of O&V.  It was suggested that at the winter MGOF, they consider an “executive meeting” model for MGOF to maintain official memberships and records for the Society of Friends.  NPYM Presiding Clerk, Janet Jump, NPYM Coordinating Committee Clerk, Elee Hadley, Don Goldstein, O&V  Clerk,  and M&O Clerk John  Allcott attended  the 2010 MGOF Winter Gathering in Great Falls, MT.  (See minute CC4/10.12)

NPYM Directory will now be delivered in two sections:  personal listings at  AS; Meeting officers and committees and  YM officers to be distributed in a fall addendum. The completed and approved NPYM Bylaws will now be available on our website. Webkeeper Felix Ostrom will update the website regularly in the second week of each month.  

In  April, the Executive Committee responded to two requests to quote from the NPYM book of Faith & Practice.  It was decided to grant these and other requests and include a statement in front of Discipline giving permission to quote.   The Discipline is not copyrighted.  Executive Committee would like to know when this is occurring and for NPYM to be given credit.

Elee forwarded Jay Thatcher's advice about the Central Friends Camp to  Timothy  Visscher to assist in planning Central Friends Camp.

CC 4/10.4  Reports from Info  Technology, Outreach and  Visitation,  Youth, Peace and Social Concerns, Site, and Nominating Committees were circulated with the documents in advance.

CC 4/10.5  Prenominating Committee Alice Robb, Michael  Williams, Lou Landry terms are up.  Michael will continue, but not as clerk.  These Friends are in service from the spring through  Annual Session, at which time their nominations for service on Nominating Committee are considered for approval at  Annual Session.  Friends willing to serve until  Annual Session are David  Wright, University; and Don Goldstein, Bellingham.   These names were  approved  by Coordinating Committee. These Friends will consider possible revisions to this process and report in July. The committee will be convened by David  Wright.

CC 4/10.6  Nominating Committee report
Executive Committee has already approved several nominations (see CC4/10.3 above).   The followingnames were brought to CC for consideration:
Ron Braithwaite (Bridge City), IT (5/2010 - 9/2012); Karen Lundblad  (Eugene), to FLGBTQC to finish Bonnie  Tinker's term (4/10- 9/10); Nancy Renk, (Sandpoint),  Assistant Registrar   AS 2010; Merlin McDaniel (South Mountain), Site Committee (4/10- 9/13).
These names were  approved .

Nominating Committee reports that for Clerk of Committee on the Discipline, 13 people have been asked.   Timing for such a commitment is not good for many of these Friends.
Nominating Committee recommends that this work needs to be re-examined and re-focused.   All of the Friends on the Committee on the Discipline were appointed in fall of 2007, and all Friends' terms expire in Fall 2010.  Sakre Edson,  Timothy  Travis and David Coahran are not continuing.  Jay Thatcher, Debbie  Townsend, and Steve  Wilson are continuing.  It is possible that this committee will take a sabbatical.  It was suggested that we do need to revise and update the “practice” section of the Discipline.   Thus far, the Discipline Committee has concentrated on the “faith” section.   A separate committee might undertake this effort, or, this concern might be referred to the existing committee.   Alice Robb reminds us that we still have six boxes full of the most recent edition.  Coordinating Committee encourages Nominating Committee to continue to seek a clerk and new members for the Committee, in alternating terms, and report to  AS 2010.   The Committee on the Discipline will be asked  to consider the “practice” section of Faith and Practice, which may make it easier to nominate Friends to this work.   Coordinating Committee Clerk, in consultation with Presiding Clerk, will recommend to Committee on the Discipline that the “practice” section should be given priority to reflect recent structural changes.   The work thus far on the “faith” section is to be preserved, and
 Coordinating Committee is grateful for the dedication, energy and good work of the Committee on the Discipline thus far.   The primary concern is finding a clerk for the Committee.   The CC  approved  these recommendations.

CC4/10.7  Directory Use Guidelines  
The list at the bottom of the page and the last sentence in paragraph 3 will be deleted, and the word “information” inserted in place of “mailing labels”. Friends  approved  this policy.   The policy will be posted on the NPYM website.

CC4/10.8  Outreach and  Visitation  
Following several resignations, the Committee now consists of one appointed, two QM and three adjunct members.   A revisitation of the Committee's charge and structure may be in order.   After such a review, the work of Nominating Committee may be clearer.  Don Goldstein, outgoing clerk, would appreciate a fresh eye as the Outreach and  Visitation Committee undertakes this review.   At the current level of strength, the OV  Committee is not able to maintain contact with all worship groups and small meetings and sets publications as a low priority.  It was suggested that the Friend who is M and O liaison, Bill  Ashworth, may be able to help the OV  Committee in these deliberations.  Elee will contact Bill and solicit help from a member of the Nominating Committee. O and  V  will bring a report at 2010 AS.   The Nom Comm recommendation to eliminate the QM members of O and  V  is set aside in lieu of this review.

CC4/10.9   Youth Safety Draft Policy
This will be considered for approval at some point at an  Annual Session.  It is the hope of members of the  Youth Committee that the questions posed in the draft be commented upon to help the Committee in seasoning the Draft Policy.   An ad hoc committee will be formed to review the draft policy in consultation with Finance and Legal.  Coordinating Committee  approved  Executive Committee appointing such an ad hoc committee.

CC4/10.10   Annual Session Planning
The Committee has been working on details for  Annual Session.  University of Montana requires numbers by July 6.  Some schedule changes will result from having the service project in the morning.   The Friend in Residence will speak in the evening.   Written reports are to be deliver ed to Janet Jump,  AS clerk, by June 15.   Efforts are being made to post reports rather than circulate copies.  Computer projection will be available for use in the plenaries.  Coordinating Committee will be meeting late afternoon  Wednesday, July 14.  Friends are reminded that Missoula is in the Mountain Time Zone.   All of this and all other information will be posted on the NPYM website.

CC4/10.11  Registration Software Development  
Annual Session Registration information will appear separately in  pdf on the website.  Registration software will be (is now) ready and available on a link from the  Annual Session page of the NPYM website,  Committee people , such as children's program and small group worship coordinators, will be able to access registration data directly from the website.  Meeting clerks are encouraged to provide paper copies to those without internet access.  Payment options will include “Pay Pal” or pay by check by mail.  NPYM does not have the capacity to process credit card payments. Pay Pal charges 2.2% for providing credit card processing service.   Ways are being explored to permit Friends to reimburse NPYM for this fee. Registration software will include a button to alert appropriate bodies of the need for financial aid.  Coordinating Committee  approved  payment to Margaret Coahran of her invoice for her services in developing the software, as per contract.  Coordinating Committee thanked Margaret, Marian Rhys, Pam Melick and Ed  Averill for their dedicated and competent service.

CC4/10.12  Report of the 2010 MGOF visitation  
In January,  Will McDowell, Clerk of MGOF, met by phone with Executive Committee.  Following that discussion, Don Goldstein, Clerk O and  V; Kathy Hyzy, Editor,  W estern Friend; ELee Hadley, CC Clerk; Janet Jump, Presiding Clerk; and John  Allcott, Clerk of M and O; attended  Winter Gathering to assist and support MGOF decisions.  Heartland Monthly Meeting will be laid down and MGOF will continue both as a Quarterly Meeting and as an Executive Meeting to hold memberships and do business for those Friends affected.   It was noted that North Pacific  Yearly Meeting has not in the past consulted with local Meetings and had an invitation to meet within their territory, but merely assumed a welcome. In some cases, the amount of time, energy and personnel required to host  Annual Session may be beyond the strength and light of local Friends.  Site Committee will be asked to modify its practice.  Friends are encouraged to attend the summer gathering of MGOF the third week in  August.

CC4/10.13  Personnel Committee report
Secretary  Alice Robb began work for NPYM in 2005.  Personnel Committee recommends that  Alice Robb continue her employment with NPYM.  In addition to providing cross references for  Annual Session minutes and old Steering Committee minutes,  Alice will create a cross reference for Coordinating Committee minutes.   Alice's directory maintenance work would be easier if Meetings were more timely in sending their data , and she will develop the directory in 2 different time frames(see cc4/10.3).  Friends enthusiastically  accepted  this report.

CC4/10.14  Financial Reports
Second Quarter Expense and Revenue Report  reflects higher than usual Coordinating Committee travel expense due to travel expenses for various CC members to attend MGOF  Winter Gathering.  Due to improvements in the market, the  Youth Opportunity Fund now has available monies.   There are monies in existence but not listed in the Junior Friends Service Project fund.  It was noted that all references to Annual Session financial aid should be referred to by that name, replacing the use of the word “scholarship”.   The third quarter report will be made in July.   There was a question about whether or not the  Youth Opportunity Fund should become a line item in the budget.   This item could be established by taking $1,000. from the extraordinary opportunities fund.  Friends  approved  doing so for the 2009-2010 budget year.   This suggestion of a $1,000. annual line item for the  Youth Opportunity Fund is  forwarded  to the Finance and Legal Committee to consider for future budgets.   The document establishing the  Youth Opportunity Fund will be examined for any legal restrictions. Seasoning the  Draft Budget  Worksheet for Fiscal 10/1 1 , no major changes in income are noted.  In the proposed budget, committee travel allowances are reduced.   An increase of $1500. in the subsidy for W estern Friend  is included.  Friends discussed and  r eferred  to Finance and Legal adding an additional $1,000. to the draft budget amount for  W estern Friend.   This could be accomplished either from extraordinary opportunities or general reserves.  It has been decided that a history of whether or not reserves have been used for the last five years to balance the budget would be useful during the consideration at  Annual Session of the 2010-201 1 budget (see CC4/10.2 correction to the Nov.09 CC minutes).  Such a history could be presented in a chart. It was also suggested that Finance and Legal may wish to develop a policy about general reserves.  It is suggested that the budget proposal list the assessment amount of $44.per person reported.   It was also suggested that Finance and Legal devise a mechanism to track in-kind donations by officers and committee members for travel expenses and other donations.

CC4/10.15   Young  Adult Membership Concerns  
A report was made from consultation between Ministry and Oversight and  Youth Committees.  Friends are reminded that identity as a Friend is an individual decision.  It was suggested that this topic be addressed in future versions of Faith and Practice.  It was also suggested that the membership process be discussed in Central Friends.   The next steps of carrying this concern forward are coordinating this concern in give-and-take between Coordinating Committee and Monthly Meetings.  Meetings are asked to undertake the concern of youth membership in a spirit of discernment and worship and to respond to Ministry and Oversight.  It is suggested also that this topic be further explored at an interest group at  Annual Session.  Elee will talk to John  Allcott, clerk of M and O.

CC4/10.16  Hot topics in various Monthly Meetings include:

1)Individuals with economic challenges; Multnomah, Boise, Eugene, Olympia, South Mountain, University

2)meeting spaces; University, Olympia, Bridge City Bellingham, Eugene, Port  Townsend

3)educating for spirit led finances(Work is Love made visible… Kahlil Gibran); Eugene, Bellingham

4)safe water; Olympia, Umpqua  Valley

5)earth care and sustainability;  Walla  Walla, Eugene, Bellingham, Pullman-Moscow, Olympia, South Mountain

6)communication and inclusion; University, Bridge City , Salem, Pullman-Moscow

7)sustaining children's programs; Bridge City, Eugene, Multnomah, MGOF, Olympia, Bellingham, Agate Passage, South Mountain

8)financial auditing; South Mountain

9)capacity of worship, ministry and oversight committees to deal with emotional needs of members; Multnomah,  Agate Passage, Bridge City, South Mountain, Eugene, Port  Townsend

10)eldering; Multnomah

11)youth membership; Boise,  Agate Passage, Multnomah

12)prioritizing programs in the meeting to staff committees fully; Salem, MGOF, South Mountain, Bellingham, University

13)simplify committee structure to facilitate celebration and enjoyment of community; MGOF, Umpqua  Valley, University

14)dealing with bequests; Bellingham, South Mountain

15)relationship between Monthly Meeting and Quarterly Meeting activities; Bridge City,  Agate Passage, South Seattle

16)Quaker Quest (an outreach and inreach activity);  Tacoma

17)deepening personal connections within Meeting; Bridge City, Bellingham, University

18(physical accessibility; Salem, Olympia, Bridge City,  Agate Passage

19)care committees (issues of aging); Port  Townsend, Bellingham, Multnomah, Missoula,  Agate Passage

20)many Memorial Meetings; Multnomah, Eugene,  Tacoma

21)intergenerational activities; Missoula

22)how to get that “Quarterly Meeting feeling” without all of the structure; MGOF

23)response to interpersonal issues (prickliness in Meeting); Pullman-Moscow, South Seattle, Eugene, Multnomah, Bridge City, Bellingham

24)right sharing voluntary gasoline tax; Pullman-Moscow, Missoula

25)middle school activities; South Seattle, Multnomah, Olympia

26)calling the nominating committee the gifts and talents committee. Lopez Island
 It was suggested if these sorts of hot topics were shared with the clerk in advance of Coordinating Committee meetings, that convergent issues could be discussed at the Coordinating Committee meetings.  Other potential ways for electronic intercommunication were discussed.

CC4/10.17  Changes in Job Descriptions
Youth Committee would like to append the Definition and  Tasks &  Timelines sections of  Youth Opportunity Fund description to their job description.  Friends  approved. Interest Group Coordinator would like to include interaction with Program Coordinator, Small Group Worship Coordinator and Interest Group Coordinator.  Friends  approved.

CC4/10.18  Comments on process at Clerk's request.
Elee asked if it was clear how and why there were three mailings in advance-- reports, action items, and agenda plus informational items?  It was suggested that these attachments have that title in the subject line.  Friends have appreciated receiving these materials in advance.   A  question was raised about items which were more in the nature of announcements.  Information items do not all require discussion or action of Coordinating Committee.  It might be helpful to compile a list of items which were sent in order for each member of Coordinating Committee to verify if he or she has received all pertinent material.   A  Friend would like more attention paid to the worship component of our time together.  Up-to-date Nominating Committee grid should be included with documents in advance.

CC4/10.19  Coordinating Committee closed with a period of expectant worship.

Respectfully submitted,
Jane Snyder
Recording Clerk