North Pacific Yearly Meeting

of the Religious Society of Friends (QUAKERS)

Coordiinating Committee Minutes of November 8, 2014

North Pacific Yearly Meeting Coordinating Committee

Saturday, November 8, 2014 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Multnomah Meeting, Portland, OR

CC11/08.0 Clerk Chris Willard opened the Meeting with brief introductions. Present were:

Ann Stever University Friends Meeting

Clint Weimeister Web keeper

Ron Metcalf Lopez Island Preparative Meeting

Allen Stockbridge Bellingham Friends Meeting

Rose Lewis Salem Friends Meeting

Debbie Townsend Discipline Committee Co-Clerk, Eastside Friends Meeting

Kim Williams Pullman-Moscow Monthly Meeting

Kathryn Willard Tacoma Friends Meeting

Kate Hunter Peace and Social Concerns Committee Clerk

Linda Kocourek Secretary

Margaret Coahran General Arrangements Clerk

Joyce Zerwekh Nominating Committee Representative

Otis Kenny Boise Valley Friends Meeting, Associate Coordinating Committee Clerk

ELee Hadley Outreach and Visitation Committee Clerk

Carol Uhte Multnomah Monthly Meeting

Tom Rawson Presiding Clerk

Cynthia Black Clerk Youth Committee

Georgia Foster Ministry and Oversight Committee Clerk

Jay Thatcher Children’s Program Coordinator

Laura Arcidiacono Bridge City Friends Meeting

Jonathan Brown Treasurer

CC11/08.1 Worship sharing from Clerk’s Query: (re communication – How do you as a member of Coordinating Committee share our business with your Meeting? How does your Meeting share Coordinating Committee business more widely among members and attenders of your meeting?)


Re: communication practices at local level:

  • Exercise active connection to children’s program: after every meeting, engage children in relating what their activities were that day. (University FM)

  • Creating spiritual nurture groups using “Way of the Spirit” model (Pt. Townsend)

  • MM clerk spoke to every member to ask what about the MM is and is not working for that person (Boise).

  • MM initiated Quaker 101 program- to introduce Quaker practice to the local community (Boise)

  • Quaker Voluntary Service allows for extended fellowship/outreach, via other Quaker Meetings and outside organization who participate (Bridge City).

  • Local Meeting uses Google group to discuss meeting topics, business (Vashon). Other uses Facebook to post communications, inspirations (Umpqua). MM posts inspirations to their WG’s social media page (Eugene).

  • MM clerk publishes a weekly communication called Saturday Evening Post (Whidbey). MM publishes weekly digest, monthly newsletter, both electronically and mailed (Corvallis).

  • Conversations and action around restructuring local committees to suit current needs (i.e., Individual Concerns in lieu of Peace & Social Concerns).


Re: communication among local MM, PM, WGs and the YM:


It was requested that CC members receive all MM, PM, and WG email communications from NPYM, in addition to those earmarked for CC members only. CC members concurred.

  • CC member forwards YM items to MM clerk or local committee clerks, item by item, as she deems appropriate.

  • Several CC members reported making some version of report of NPYM business at their local business meetings, whether from CC minutes or personal notes. One MM reserves a standing place on their business meeting agenda for the CC member to discuss NPYM items.

  • Change in CC structure is reported to have increased one MM’s involvement in “getting things done.”

  • MM printed NPYM’s Epistle in MM newsletter - was well appreciated.

  • MM asked its attenders where they would like to see support from NPYM- answer: communications, especially website.

  • Varying reports re: MM, PM, and WG participation in NPYM. Some had 1/3 attending QM and Annual Session, others only a few, some reported tenuous, apathetic relationship to YM despite available resources to aid attendance at Annual Session. Some report diffusion of YM interest over other outside organizations, such as FGC. Some CC members are sole source of YM info for their local Meeting.

  • CC members pass on Faith & Practice info for review, some use social media for discussion.


CC11/08.2 Consideration of July minutes

Friends approved July 2014 CC minutes with the following changes:


- Minute 7/23.9 Ministry and Oversight Committee report: delete last sentence referring to reciprocal visitation with Yearly Meetings other than Northwest Yearly Meeting.


- Minute 7/23.13 Outreach and Visitation Committee Report: Change first sentence to “A proposal to create a visitation project of individuals to Monthly Meetings, Worship Groups, and isolated Friends will be presented during this Annual Session.”


CC11/08.3 Executive Committee Actions report

Chris Willard reported on two e-mail consultations carried out by Executive Committee:

9/24-9/26 e-mail approval of Nominations

  1. Dorsey Green for 2nd term on M&O 10/14 -10/17
    Kathryn Willard to fill Avery Welkin's term as Jr. Friend advisor now until 10/15
    Chinda Roach for 2nd term on Youth Committee 10/14- 10/16
    Eric Maya Joy (Olympia) as QEW Representative 10/14- 10/16

    Margaret Coahran as General Arrangements Clerk
    Ted Etter as General Arrangements Assistant.

  2. 10/16/14 e-mail consultation: Considered a request to share the NPYM directory with organizers of Western Young Friends New Year’s Gathering Reunion Committee. The purposed of the request was to find former Young Friends current contact information to help with both organization of the reunion event and to be able to solicit attendance.

    Executive Committee unified in not sharing directory but in finding other ways to promote event and share event information directly with named NPYM contacts that the reunion committee was seeking.

Report attached to these minutes.


CC11/08.4 Annual Session reports

Laura Arcidiacono related highlights of General Arrangement clerk (2014) John Etter’s report on Annual Session, in his absence.


NPYM received a $6,000 refund from Pacific University due to construction inconveniences at this year’s Annual Session. There is a need to change the online registration system, and to overhaul the registrar’s position. Full report attached. Presiding clerk Tom Rawson spoke of success in accommodating prior requests to balance business topics with less discussion of internal structure, but that the long final plenary was an issue, and currently under discussion with Ministry & Oversight for a solution for next year.


Scheduled Friend in Residence for 2015, Christina Repoley, withdrew. Robin Mohr, Executive Secretary of FWCC Section of the Americas, has accepted an offer to replace Christina as Friend in Residence.


Linda Kocourek, Volunteer Recorder


CC11/08.5 Consideration of communication strategies posed from Annual Session 2014 based upon recommendations of the Ad Hoc Structure Evaluation Committee. Excerpts from Communications Ad Hoc Committee attached to these minutes.



The decision of Annual Session was to leave it up to Coordinating Committee to discern how it should share it’s work and elicit feedback from Meeting Groups who were unable or unwilling to select a member to send to Coordinating Committee Meeting.


It was noted that nine Meetings had no members at the November CC meeting but that we did not know whether this indicated inability to participate or unavailability of a selected member to attend the meeting. The Coordinating Committee requested the Clerk contact those nine meetings to determine whether they intended to select a member or not. Other members of Coordinating Committee volunteered to be correspondents from CC to those Meetings who identify themselves as unable or unwilling to send members.


Agate Passage Friends Meeting – Kathryn Willard

Billings Friends Meeting – ELee Hadley

Corvallis Friends Meeting – Rose Lewis

Missoula Monthly Meeting – Georgia Foster

Montana Gathering of Friends Monthly Meeting – Georgia Foster

Olympia Friends Meeting – Linda Kocourek

Port Townsend Monthly Meeting – Clint Weimeister

Salmon Bay Friends Meeting – Ann Stever

Sandpoint Friends Meeting – Kate Hunter

South Mountain Friends Meeting – Cynthia Black


Those members will be responsible for ongoing communication to help share mutually the state of the Meeting and share opportunities for mutual interest and cooperation/connection to standing committee work or other activities.


CC11/08.6 Treasurer’s Report.


Treasurer Jonathan Brown presented the financial statements for fiscal year 2013-14 (financial reports attached). Jonathan reported that statements for the first half of assessments for fy 2014-15 will be in the mail within two weeks reflecting the approved increase in assessment to $60.00 per member.


ELee Hadley, Volunteer Recorder


CC11/08.7 Ministry and Oversight Committee


Georgia Foster, Clerk of Ministry and Oversight reported:


  1. NPYM 2014 State of Society Reports available. Four sets of reports that had been on display at Annual Session were given out for monthly meeting libraries.

  2. Upcoming Consultation on “Nurturing Quaker Process.” A flyer was handed out about this consultation, to be passed on to M & O clerks in meetings. So as not to compete with the Super Bowl, the date has been changed to Thursday, February 12, 7:00 PM, PST (8:00 PM, MST.)

  3. Consultation queries will be put on NPYM Website. Queries and any resources of past consultations will be posted by the M & O Committee. A separate webpage for the M & O committee will be created to hold this information. More information will be added at the discretion of the committee.

  4. NPYM Travel Opportunities – Review. We have observed that procedures of two programs supporting individuals who wish to travel to other yearly meetings are widely varied. One is the longstanding exchange program with Northwest Yearly Meeting, where a Friend is selected by NPYM to represent it at NYWM each year. The other is the recently developed Travel Program. A subcommittee will examine the procedures and offer suggestions to the Executive Committee, seeking to make the procedures appropriate to their different purposes.


CC11/08.8 Youth Committee Report (report attached)


Cynthia Black, Clerk of Youth Committee reported that thery had been working closely with Jay Thatcher, Youth Program Coordinator. Review of his work showed he had done remarkable work in outreach and seeking leaders before Annual Session. All the children’s program leaders spoke highly of their communication with Jay before and during AS. Some safety issues were identified. Youth Committee and Jay have been discussion ways to improve safety for AS 2015.


Ideas being discussed for future action include a combined Medical Release ad Information form for all children’s program events, a pre-session workshop at AS next summer for leaders and others and coordinated visits to Monthly Meetings this winter and spring.


Youth Committee continues to support the Youth Opportunity Fund and raised $517 this summer with a fundraiser. Applications for use of YOF funds are due March 1 for the first quarter funding cycle.


CC11/08.9 Annual Session Youth Program Coordinator

Jay Thatcher reported about his travels along the I-5 corridor speaking about the Youth Programs at Annual Session and encouraging families with children to attend. He also spoke of the need for help in identifying and recruiting teachers and helpers for the Youth Program.


He is open to receiving requests from Meeting Groups with children to continue this visitation and outreach. Friends should feel free to contact him directly about such visits.


CC11/08.10 AD HOC COMMITTEE FOR NPYM COMMUNICATIONS REPORT (attached to file copy of minutes) TO ANNUAL SESSION 2014


The Annual Session asked Coordinating Committee to discern what to do in relation to the above report. It contains a huge range of ideas and recommendations, ranging from those involving individual responsibility to Information Technology (IT) structure.


A CC member suggested that advice on use of e-mail (#3 under System and Organizational Improvements in the report) was useful and might be expanded and distributed to committee clerks annually. The clerk reported that he had found the book recommended in the report, Quaker Process for Friends on the Benches by Mathilda Navias useful.


Some other suggestions included development of a one-page document on conference calls and as well as one on emails. Might they include examples of both good and bad process? We need to honor Quaker faith in a technological world. Queries might include “Do I need to respond NOW?” and “How can we allow time to let the Spirit come through us?” We currently do not have policies for the web pages. The uses of the webpage might be expanded. It is primarily for internal use now.


There was considerable interest in the recommendation about a possible newsletter about what is going on in the various Meetings. (See below for specifics.) We were reminded that P&SC had recently contacted all the Meetings to hear about their P&SC concerns and actions and had put together a summary that was sent to all Meetings. NPYM could use Twitter and Facebook as well as the web and email. Some members opposed the use of Twitter and Facebook. Perhaps an Ad Hoc Committee is needed to study how NPYM might use the Internet. Gather Meeting newsletters and summarize them.


Ideas agreed upon but no one asked to carry them further.

  1. Hold an interest group at Annual Session to consider how NPYM might use the Internet. (Item #2 below is a subset of the idea.

  2. Ask Jr. Friends if they would lead an interest group at Annual Session on social media. How might we use it and address questions Friends might have? We recognize Facebook, Twitter, etc. can be instruments of love and of cruelty. How do Jr. Friends deal with this? Some Friends do not use social media and would be excluded. Ask Jr. Friends at Ski Trip if they would be interested in/willing to host an interest group on possible YM use of social media. We were reminded that Joyce Zerwekh is in charge of Interest Groups at Annual Session.

  3. Ways to connect with CC members and Meetings

a) Have a list-serve for CC.

b) Send postcards to CC members who are not at a particular meeting.

c) Follow-up to CC meetings: compile what we learned and talked about and send to Mtg contacts and/or clerks.

  1. Develop guidelines for conference calls.


Decisions made:

  1. Committee on the Discipline is asked to look at guidelines for e-mail. Debbie Townsend is asked to take this to the committee and report to Spring CC meeting.

  2. Chris Willard will consult Nancy McLaughlan to get an idea of how much time it might take for someone to review Mtg. newsletters and write a summary.

  3. Each CC member is asked to compile items of interest from their Mtg’s newsletters and news from any groups under their care. These reports should be e-mailed to the clerk in advance of the Spring CC Meeting and posted on the NPYM website.

  4. CC members are asked to find out who is interested in being a contact person when they contact Mtgs from whom there was no one attending the November meeting. (See list of who volunteered earlier in the meeting to contact which Meetings.)

  5. The NPYM Secretary is asked to copy CC members on all emails sent to the Meetings.


CC11/08.11 NOMINATING COMMITTEE (report attached to file copy of minutes)

Joyce Zerwekh reported for the committee.


  1. The following Nominations were approved:

Paul Costello Jr. Friends Advisor 2014-16

Dorsey Green Rep to FCNL 2014-16

  1. Coordinating Committee asked Nominating Committee to consult with all its members about a nomination for Registrar of Annual Session. When the committee has reached unity, they should forward the name to Chris Willard with a request for Executive Committee action as soon as possible.

  2. Nominating Committee requested discussion of whether the job of registrar should be divided among 3 people.

    1. Coordinating Committee agreed that there should be only 1 registrar this year. (AS 2015)

    2. Coordinating Committee agreed that an ad hoc committee be formed either at the July CC meeting or by the Executive Committee following Annual Session to discern whether changes to the Registrar’s job description including the number of people selected is necessary. That committee should consult with the prior three registrars about their experiences to help inform the process.

  3. Nominating Committee asked if there should be an Assistant Registrar. Coordinating Committee agreed that if Nominating Committee can, in a limited amount of time, find a person led to accept this position, the committee should forward the name to Executive Committee for action. The idea of naming a “rising registrar” in another year might be considered.

  4. Registration software: Coordinating Committee asks the IT Committee to look at whether there is off-the-shelf software that would work well for NPYM Annual Session registration.

  5. CC received the Nominating Committee report with appreciation.



ELee Hadley, clerk of the committee, reported problems with the makeup of the committee and was urged to contact Nominating Committee directly. The committee is working on a trifold on how to find out about Quakers in the Pacific Northwest. They are also exploring reaching out by postcard to isolated Friends. ELee clarified that when O&V supports visitors within NPYM, travel expenses are reimbursed, but there are no stipends.


ELee distributed a Proposal for an NPYM Traveling Visitor Program (attached to file copy of minutes). Interest has been expressed in a Brinton Visitor type program. The history of the Brinton Visitor program was shared. Weighty and experienced Friends traveled around Meetings to share experience and bring people together. A purpose of the Traveling Visitor program would be to connect Friends and weave the Yearly Meeting together. Coordinating Committee suggested that the O&V Committee write a handout for Meetings to explain what we are talking about, giving examples and suggesting what gifts might be brought by visitors, and/or have been brought in the past. The handout should include what is expected of host Meetings, e.g. number of people who might attend some kind of meeting with the visitor, provision of housing and transportation for the visitor. CC noted that a proposal needs to be more specific and should include a job description for a 2nd committee, unless the existing committee is significantly strengthened. Clarification between this kind of traveling visitor and a Friend traveling under concern is needed.


ELee agreed to revise the proposal, share it with Executive Committee, revise after feedback and bring it to the spring 2015 CC meeting.


CC11/08.13 FAMILY AFFORDABILITY AD HOC COMMITTEE (report attached to file copy of minutes)

Margaret Coahran presented the report.


Proposal #1 suggested one less business session at Annual Session. Tom Rawson, Presiding Clerk of NPYM suggested that people are not interested in internal structure issues. It might be useful in the call to the next Annual Session to note that internal structure issues have been resolved. Infusing business sessions with a sense of the Spirit is important, but no one should be saying how to order the business at Annual Session. That is the job of the Presiding Clerk, under the guidance of the Spirit and with in-put by others. CC was reminded that no one is forced to go to plenary sessions. There is an assumption that business is drudgery. There needs to be a way to remind Friends that business can be powerful worship and refreshing. The spiritual level rises as we come to a sense of unity. There was a sense that other activities should not be offered during business sessions. CC did not think the proposal appropriate.


CC approved proposal #2, revised as follows:


Individual meetings consider financially supporting children and sponsoring their Jr. Friends as a matter of policy, as several meetings currently do.


CC approved proposal #3, revised as follows:


Meetings who have no children and would like to support children in the yearly meeting consider contributing to a restricted NPYM fund for the purpose of funding the participation of children.


CC recognized that concern had been expressed that there had been inadequate time for fellowship and family and appreciated that last year’s Annual Session Planning Committee responded to the concern.


CC approved laying down the Family Affordability Ad Hoc Committee with appreciation.



Kate Hunter, Clerk of the committee, reported. The committee developed a minute on Torture (attached to file copy of minutes), originated by Whidbey Island Meeting. The minute, urging release of the Senate Select Committee’s report on torture, has been sent to Meetings and Worship Groups and action urged. We were reminded that NPYM approved a minute on torture in 2009.


Kate reported that, as clerk of NPYM Committee on Peace & Social Concerns and at the request of tribes on the Columbia River, she signed the Declaration on Ethics and Modernizing the Columbia River Treaty (attached to file copy of minutes) that was submitted to the President and Congress. The request is that the tribes be involved in the development of plans for the Columbia River. CC noted that signing such documents or statements needs the approval of Executive Committee. Kate read the document (attached to file copy of minutes). CC approved (after the fact) signing the Declaration on Ethics and Modernizing the Columbia River Treaty. Kate expressed appreciation for the clarification about good order and for the approval.


Kate reported that the committee plans to call Meetings annually to determine what peace and social concerns are engaging them and then will circulate a report. The committee is working on prioritizing issues to promote throughout the YM. Conference calls with Meeting P&SC clerks on common issues and concerns were recommended. She also reported they are recruiting more members for the committee. CC reminded all that standing committees, like P&SC, are intended to be 6 – 8 people and are to coordinate and communicate rather than do all the work. Members of these committees are nominated and approved at Annual Session or by CC or Executive Committee. Committees are always welcome to co-opt people for ad hoc work on particular pieces of work.


It was emphasized that when a committee member is not functioning, the clerk of the committee should let Nominating Committee know.



CC approved the following:

Saturday, April 11, 2015 in the Olympia-Tacoma-Seattle area

Saturday, October 17, 2015 in the Portland area


In general CC will aim to schedule fall meetings the third Saturday in October. Spring is more complex because Easter is not a set date and all Oregon schools have vacation around Easter.



Debbie Townsend asked CC members to encourage their Meetings to use the draft chapters that have been completed and were distributed at Annual Session. Meetings are asked to take notes on how the new procedures work and send them to the Committee.


Chapters on history, glossary and Friends experience are now being circulated for comment. The committee is now working on Spiritual Disciplines and then will work on Testimonies. She emphasized that responses are really helpful.


The meeting closed with grateful worship.


Chris Willard, Clerk

Linda Koucourek, Volunteer Recorder

ELee Hadley, Volunteer Recorder

Ann Stever, Volunteer Recorder


Executive Committee Actions Report:

9/24-9/26 e-mail approval of Nominations

Dorsey Green for 2nd term on M&O 10/14 -10/17
Kathryn Willard to fill Avery Welkin's term as Jr. Friend advisor now until 10/15
Chinda Roach for 2nd term on Youth Committee 10/14- 10/16
Eric Maya Joy (Olympia) as QEW Representative 10/14- 10/16

Margaret Coahran as General Arrangements Clerk
Ted Etter as General Arrangements Assistant.


10/16/14 e-mail consultation: Considered a request to share the NPYM directory with organizers of Western Young Friends New Year’s Gathering Reunion Committee. The purposed of the request was to find former Young Friends current contact information to help with both organization of the reunion event and to be able to solicit attendance.

Executive Committee unified in not sharing directory but in finding other ways to promote event and share event information directly with named NPYM contacts that the reunion committee was seeking.


Ad Hoc Communications Committee ideas & suggestions:

The quality of communication reflects the health of a relationship and thus is a vital sign of the YM’s health.

How do we share our personal leadings, insights, and experiences so that all can learn and be guided?
What vehicles are available to do this task?

How do we invite Friends to join in with all the activities and opportunities for connection in the YM? How do we facilitate individuals taking the initiative to involve others?

Deepening the Quality of Communication:

Prioritize the Yearly Meeting mission “to strengthen one another in our search Divine Truth and Light.” Provide more opportunities for spiritual exchange and Divine-centered relationships throughout our region. Two examples of this could be a phone or on-line worship sharing, or a spiritual practice support group. Can we use YM structures better to help local groups minister more effectively among/to their members?

Reach out to and draw in newcomers, including possible use of materials like Quaker Quest ( This material would cost money and may be something the YM wants to make available. Outreach and Visitation Committee is already preparing to link our Website to the New Meetings program material at Friends General Conference, an example of one way to expand our reach and make use of materials economically.

Arrange visitations like the Brinton Visitor of the past and more inter-visitation among Friends throughout our region. This would require a volunteer committee to arrange this process and money for travel, which would need to be allocated from the budget of NPYM.

Encourage participation on a committee in NPYM as a way of deepening Quaker connections and community. We have all found that working together builds bonds both of friendship and spiritual understanding.

System and Organizational improvements:

Reassigning tasks that have been lost in the reorganization of NPYM, e.g., gathering information from MM newsletters and then widely sharing the new and good, the joys and sorrows [at one time done by Quarterly contacts for the Bulletin/Western Friend and later by FWCC staff]. Perhaps some of these functions, formerly done (informally?) by the regular contacts of the Steering Clerk, could today be vested in either the Presiding Clerk or the Clerk of the CC. In doing this, care would have to be taken to define or delimit overlapping areas of responsibility.

Training recording clerks in making standardized minutes which are clear, concise, and define who will carry out specified tasks and responsibilities, while providing enough narrative to explain the rationale for decisions.

Educating e-mail authors to simplify emails, to make them succinct and clear so that they will communicate effectively. An e-mail could be distributed which offered suggestions and useful frameworks for the writing of clear emails, including the following suggestions:

a) The subject line should clearly state the missive's content so that it easier to retrieve in the future.

b) Each e-mail should state the responsibility of the recipient; what applies to whom, and what are the next steps to be taken.

c) Short and concise messages will be read more thoroughly by more people.

d) Important phrases, dates, and locations in bold will convey the most vital information quickly.

e) Make necessary adjustments if one's own e-mail account is bouncing communications.

Providing on our website opportunities for self-initiated forums and bulletin boards where Friends can make contact; this would require some monitoring [i.e. volunteer time] to prevent abuse. Overall we must work to make our website and other technological communications easily accessible, attractive, and affordable to all.

Technological improvements

These include making sure that the NPYM office has up-to-date and functional equipment that will allow the staff to disseminate information and maintain both the directory and the web-site to their potential and thus both create and serve demand for a stable source of information about both the YM and its constituents.

The Technology Committee needs to review many aspects of this and make recommendations. This will involve costs and time commitment changes. We will support anything that:

1) simplifies getting regular distribution on a wide basis of all the information that everyone in the YM needs to know; e.g. a quarterly newsletter (keeping aware that older technologies have certain advantages and are required for many individuals to be included);

2) facilitates individuals easily finding the answers to questions they may have, including contacting key committee clerks and officers, and even to questions they did not know they had [e.g. hotlinks on the website];

3) directs critical information and leadership data to the individuals who will take responsible action [e.g. improved mailing lists and actions that elicit compliance from those who receive information so they are not bottlenecks]

Responsibility for System and Organizational Improvements

  1. Reassigning lost tasks should be decided upon by the Presiding Clerk, the Clerk of Coordinating Committee and the Coordinating Committee. Nominating Committee could also be involved. Clarifying procedures is the responsibility of all clerks. Please refer to Faith and Practice. Keep in mind the concept of institutional memory and pass on these practices to new Friends.

  2. Training for recording clerks and standardizing minutes is in the purview of the clerks of the standing committees as well as the ad hoc committees that are formed. Support for these clerks can also be found in Faith and Practice as well as Quaker Process for Friends on the Bench by Mathilda Navies.

  3. The suggestions to improve email communication are the responsibility of every Friend who sends an email.

  4. Website improvements may require budget allocation and would be supervised by the Technology and Information Committee.


Ministry and Oversight Committee

Report from NPYM Annual Session, 2014


Prior to Annual Session, Ministry and Oversight Committee gathered for a 1 ½ day retreat at Multnomah Friends Meeting House. The retreat was a blessed time of worship, worship sharing, meals together and attention to business preparations for Annual Session. We were pleased to have Friend in Residence, Kenneth Jacobsen with us for a few hours, giving us a glimpse of how he and Katharine would inspire our NPYM community. Having this spiritual time together made the committee cohesive, giving us strength and mutual support throughout Annual Session.


The M & O Committee filled usual roles at Annual Session:

-­ Opening worship

-­ Welcoming newcomers,

-­ Posting State of Society reports and sharing details in plenaries,

-­ Inviting M & O Clerks to an open forum,

-­ Posting Memorial Minutes and facilitating the Meeting for Memorials,

-­ Being available for clearness meetings and individual discussions,

-­ Offering support to AS leaders, and the community as a whole, especially during plenaries,
Closing worship.

Other actions of the M & O Committee at Annual Session:

-­ Selecting a core group of elders to hold each plenary in the Light

-­ Made a room available for small group follow up discussions

-­ Guiding greeters to prepare plenary latecomers to be less disruptive


Evaluation. For the most part, the work went well. Having a mic at the Meeting for Memorials worked better than last year. In the future, we will have the mic runner familiarize self with use of the clip-­‐on mic before offering it to others.


In plenaries, the M & O member(s) seated at the main table were in close enough proximity to the Presiding Clerk to make direct contact, if they wished to do so, in contrast to last year. The general seating arrangement for plenaries was better, too.


At closing worship, we did not have a member of our committee carrying the microphone. Had we done so, encouraging a person to curtail his long oral ministry may have been handled more discreetly. Starting worship on schedule is important to be ready to receive the children at their expected time of entry.


Our M & O Committee had energy to do our work because we felt held in the Spirit. We kept in touch throughout the week, supporting one another in meeting the challenges before us.


Georgiana E. Foster, Clerk

Ministry and Oversight Committee


NPYM Youth Committee Report to Coordinating Committee, November 8, 2014

Youth Committee has enjoyed working parallel to Jay. We have the same focus- the youth of NPYM- and are well able to support each other.

This fall YC conducted an evaluation process of our first year with a paid Annual Session Children’s Program Coordinator. We gathered input from all the children’s group leaders, met with Jay to discuss highs and lows, and wrote a report for the Personnel Committee. Some highlights from that report:

  • Jay did remarkable work in outreach and seeking leaders before AS.

  • The children's program leaders this summer all spoke highly of their communication with Jay before and during AS.

  • We heard of some safety issues at AS, and discussed some ways to improve safety next year.

During our meeting with Jay this fall we discussed several other ideas for action together this winter, including a combined Medical Release and Information form for all children’s program events, a pre-session workshop at AS next summer for leaders and others, and coordinated visits to monthly meetings this winter and spring.

Other YC actions include continued support of the Youth Opportunity Fund. We raised $517 this summer with our fundraiser. The next applications are due on March 1.

Cynthia Black

NPYM Youth Committee clerk


Nominating Committee Business for Coordinating Committee Meeting, 11/2014


1. First and foremost, approval of the following nominations. (There was some confusion among us whether these were to be approved by Coordinating Committee or Executive Committee. We welcome instruction! If by Coordinating, here they are; if by Executive, here's the news.)


General Arrangements Clerk: Margaret Coahran, Pullman-Moscow*

Assistant General Arrangements Clerk: Ted Etter, MGOF*

Junior Friends Advisors: Kathryn Willard, Tacoma* (2014-2015)

Paul Costello, University (2014-2016)

Ministry & Oversight: Dorsey Green, University (2014-2015)*

Youth Committee: Chinda Roach, University (2014-2016)*

Quaker Earthcare Witness: eric maya joy, Olympia (2014-2016)*

FCNL: Dorsey Green, University (2014-2016)


2. Nominating Committee proposes that the position of Annual Session Registrar be expanded to three people for the year 2015. (See full proposal.)





* Previously Approved by Executive Committee


TO: Meeting clerks, Worship Group contacts, and Isolated Friends (cc to Coordinating Committee members) FROM: Outreach and Visitation (O&V) Committee of North Pacific Yearly Meeting (NPYM)

RE: The formation of a NEW Traveling Visitor Program for NPYM November 21, 2014

There used to be a Howard and Anna Brinton Traveling Visitor Program among the 3 western unprogrammed yearly meetings, but it was laid down some years ago. Your NPYM Outreach & Visitation Committee would like to reinstate a traveling visitor program just within our northwest NPYM geographic area. This small committee needs your interest and help.

We envision sending a pair of visitors out to meetings, worship groups, and/or isolated Friends as often as we can -- to meet with, eat with, sing with, and generally visit with YOU. This follows our publication of our recently distributed pamphlet Thoughts for Visitors and the Visited (which as you may know, is also available for your use online at the website).

The purpose of this new visitation program is primarily to help knit together our far-flung meetings, worship groups, and individuals across our vast northwest territory. North Pacific Yearly Meeting recently celebrated forty years as a YM. We are writing our third edition of Faith and Practice. We have regular Annual Sessions, a strong Coordinating Committee, and we have ten standing committees doing work for the YM year-round. We also regularly form ad hoc committees to do quick and finite jobs before they are disbanded. O&V believes that it is time we regularly fostered intervisitation among our Quaker groups. Even neighboring meetings might enjoy activities together, and there is no question that small worship groups and meetings, as well as isolated individuals, will be the richer for visitors adding depth to their meetings and worship. We need your help to further this project.

O&V wishes to form an ad hoc committee of people who share this vision and see the need for regular visitation in the northwest. Particularly we need individuals who are in the larger meetings and can represent that perspective, as O&V members are from small and widely dispersed areas. This ad hoc committee might meet twice or three times and complete its work by May or June 2015, before the July NPYM annual session, or perhaps even in time for the April 2015 Coordinating Committee meeting. Its job, as outlined below, is finite, and then we may ask for an enlarged O&V Committee to administer this traveling visitor program. This ad hoc group will hold its first conference call in late January 2015. Its tasks are to:

  1. Design the parameters for our new, more informal traveling visitor program, envisioning weekend or one- or two week travels, or longer, or intermittently, and give this new program a name.

  2. Create an application form for those who wish to travel, and consider how meetings might wish to invite.

  3. Suggest criteria for selecting visitors – perhaps a couple, a young person and accompanying “elder”, a person with a leading or mission and a supportive Friend, or??

  4. Review budgetary concerns. O&V has a generous budget, but how should The Visited contribute? Or not?

  5. Bring the ad hoc committee’s work to CC and/or to the summer AS for acceptance, as time permits.

Who in your meeting or WG carries this interest or would like to serve? O&V would be interested in receiving a response from each clerk or contact person to flesh out our ideas about forming this program.


From: ELee Hadley, O&V clerk, Umpqua Valley WG, Oregon 541-679-8889

Noah Visscher, Bozeman WG, Montana Lou Landry, Boise MM, Idaho

Betty Hawthorn, Isolated Friend, Montana Pablo Stanfield, University MM, Washington (in Cuba now….)


The Ad hoc Committee on Family Affordability talked with meetings to gain an understanding

of why people come and do not come to Annual Session. We learned the following:



  • Friends do not consider money to be the primary reason for not attending.

  • Several meetings fully sponsor all of their children to attend Annual Session.

  • There is competition for time. Both for taking time off work and visiting relatives.

  • Friends wish for more fellowship and less business.

  • People appreciate the time to renew the spirit and friendships at AS.

  • Many judge this opportunity more important than participating in the business of NPYM.

    • Some meetings that currently have no children expressed a willingness to support children from those meeting that do.


As result of what we learned we recommend the following:

1. That there be one less plenary at Annual Session, allowing more time for fellowship and

family time.

2. That individual meetings consider sponsoring all children as a matter of policy, as several

meetings currently do.

3. That meetings who have no children and would like to support children in the yearly

meeting consider finding a way to do that.


This completes our work. We request that the committee be laid down.




Respectfully submitted,


Committee members

John Allcott

Laura Arcidiacano

Margaret Coahran John Etter Meredith Jacobson Chinda Roach Sheila Hale and


Tom Rawson, NPYM Presiding Clerk and collaborator