Central Friends (Middle School-age)

central friends

Central Friends are the Middle-School-aged Quakers who have completed 6th grade and not yet entered 9th grade. They are teenagers standing squarely in the exciting and difficult place between childhood and adult life. Their program is set up to let them help shape and run their activities with supervision from the leaders. Their point of view and the issues we lead them through are often very grown up, but they still love horseplay and kid’s games. Capture the flag is a perennial favorite!

Central Friends children can come to Annual Session without their parents, if the family arranges in advance for an adult sponsor; a parent of a friend might provide sponsorship, for example. Parents need to also sign medical release forms in advance when a child is sponsored.

Central Friends have their own camp offering just after the Annual Session gathering. This is a supervised trip to a Quaker family’s summer house, or to a park for camping. It is a loosely structured time together that helps friendships developed at Annual Session grow stronger and deeper. Their leaders provide worship sharing and other opportunities to focus on that of God in each of them.Junior Friends (High School-age)