Central Friends Camp Coordinator

POSITION: Central Friends Camp Coordinator (CF Camp Coordinator)

New position approved by Coordinating Committee, November 2012; position description approved by Coordinating Committee, April 2013.

NOMINATION AND APPROVAL: NPYM Nominating Committee is responsible for filling this position, based on recommendation from the Youth Committee. Usually nominations are approved at Annual Session; however, nominations may also be approved by Coordinating Committee or Executive Committee. The Coordinator is subject to the Youth Safety Policy.

TERM LENGTH: 2 years

TERM BEGINS: October 1

REPORTS TO: Youth Committee

COMPENSATION: At the discretion of Youth Committee, in consultation and coordination with the Finance Committee, a stipend will be paid from the Central Friends' budget.

WORKS PRIMARILY WITH: Youth Committee. The Youth Committee will provide advocacy, support, assistance, and resources as needed to the Central Friends Camp Coordinator. CF Camp Coordinator may also work with the NPYM Junior Friends Advisors around camp planning. Central Friends Camp Coordinator: approved, with the following changes:

MEMBERS: The Central Friends Camp Coordinator is one position. The Coordinator helps to find a co-coordinator to help with leading/planning and two to three adult volunteers to attend camp (male and female).

COMMITTEE CHARGE: The Central Friends Camp Coordinator is subject to the Youth Safety Policy. The Central Friends Camp Coordinator is responsible for planning and implementing all aspects of Central Friends Camp, which is for NPYM middle school-aged youth (entering 6th grade through the summer following 8th grade). Central Friends Camp is held in conjunction with NPYM Annual Session, typically immediately following the end of Annual Session, and usually lasting 3-4 days. The camp is typically located in proximity to where Annual Session is held. Central Friends camp combines outdoors activities (backpacking, hiking, camping, water activities, biking, for example) with opportunities to learn Quaker process (worship-sharing, deep listening) and build community.


  • The Central Friends Camp Coordinator is encouraged to interact with the Central Friends at NPYM Annual Session prior to camp.

  • The Central Friends Camp Coordinator will help the Youth Committee find a co-coordinator for camp.

  • With the co-coordinator, the Central Friends Camp Coordinator will plan the camp details (see the suggested timeline below), keeping in touch with the Youth Committee Clerk.

  • At the end of camp, the Central Friends Camp Coordinator will debrief with staff and with the Youth Committee.


October -April

  • Select and secure a camp location. Campgrounds may require reservations nine months in advance.

  • Develop a theme and activities schedule. Activities that are physically challenging have been very successful in building a cohesive group.

  • Develop a budget and fee schedule, in coordination with the Youth Committee.

  • Information about camp sent to Annual Session Planning Committee by the end of February.

March - June

  • Develop promotional and registration materials.

  • With the Youth Committee’s assistance, publicize camp.

  • Work with the NPYM Annual Session registrar to ensure information and forms for camp are sent to the Registrar in time to be included in Annual Session registration material.

  • With the Youth Committee’s assistance, recruit and screen other adult advisors and assistants as needed. Adults are needed to attend camp, help with transportation, and help provide needed camping and cooking equipment.

  • Give names of CF Camp volunteers to the NPYM Secretary for background checks.

  • Ensure there is sufficient equipment and transportation.

  • Ensure that all attenders have required medical releases and parental permission to attend.

  • Follow up on special needs issues, such as children on medication or children who require increased supervision.

Before and during camp

  • Plan and purchase the food.

  • Help Central Friends prepare meals, clean up, and perform other camp chores.

  • Help select appropriate adventures and activities for campers.

  • Act as a leader during camp and ensure that everyone follows safe practices during camp.

After camp

  • Prepare a report on camp events to campers, parents, co-coordinators, adult participants, and Youth Committee.

  • Make timely plans and arrangements for the next season of camp within the rotating schedule of Annual Session locations; or hand such planning to the Youth Committee on years where Annual Session locations change.

During pre-camp planning, reimbursement is provided for office expenses (long-distance phone calls, postage, copying, etc.) Travel expense is reimbursed according to the NPYM travel reimbursement policy. All bills and requests for reimbursement for camp expenses should be submitted, with receipts, to the NPYM Treasurer as soon as possible and no later than August 31.

The CF Camp Coordinator may request an advance from the NPYM Treasurer to cover site fees and camp-related purchases, and may request an additional advance if necessary. The Coordinator then provides an accounting after the Camp, with all receipts, and either a refund of any unused funds or a request for reimbursement if the advance amount was not enough.