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Approved NPYM Steering Committee, October 2008, once change November 2008

Job description re-pproved NPYM Steering Committee, January 2009


CHARGE: NPYM Coordinating Committee facilitates the work of NPYM by fostering communication among meetings, worship groups, and NPYM standing committees. The members of this committee come from 3 or 4 distinct populations within the yearly meeting. Just as we come to our monthly meetings with various skills, interests, and expertise members of the CC come to the meetings ready to worship and work together for the benefit of NPYM and the Meetings, which are part of NPYM.


The Coordinating Committee supports and enriches the life of NPYM. It is the venue where Standing Committees and Meetings share about their work and inspiration. All members of CC bring their experience from their committees and Meetings as they share together in the work on behalf of NPYM. Committee members are responsible for caring out the responsibilities of the Coordinating Committee as outlined in that job description.




1. One member from each monthly Meeting – selected by the monthly meeting;

2. One member from each Preparative Meeting if the PM wishes and after consultation with their overseeing Monthly Meeting and the CC Clerk.

3. The Clerk of each NPYM standing committee. If the clerk wishes another member of the committee may be asked to fill in this role.

4. NPYM officers – appointed by NPYM.




1. Monthly Meeting and Preparative Meeting appointed members: 2 years; recommend no more than 2 consecutive terms (4 years total)

2. Standing Committee appointed members: 1 year, reappointment possible while on the committee.

3. NPYM Officers: for duration of their term of office


TERMS BEGIN: October 1 (regardless of when appointments by the appointing body are made).



All members of the CC should be members of the Religious Society of Friends or long time attenders, well grounded in Quaker practice and experienced in Quaker discernment and decision-making.

If a member cannot attend a meeting of CC, s/he should send regrets and discuss with the CC clerk if someone else could/should come in their place.

A member may fill two roles at CC, e.g. as an NPYM officer and as a member appointed by his or her Meeting. A person considering this should use a careful discernment process to determine whether s/he can fulfill both roles effectively, not only in CC meetings but also in relation to being the communication link between CC and either a Standing Committee or Monthly Meeting.



1. Come to the CC meetings prepared to share what is happening in your meeting or committee. Listen to see if there are identifiable emerging or converging issues in the Yearly Meeting.


2. Participate actively in seasoning items which might come to Annual Session, and seeing that newly identified tasks are assigned appropriately and equitably.


3. Report back to your Meeting (and worship groups/preparative meetings under its care) or your standing committee about what is happening throughout NPYM.


4. Facilitate action in your home group (i.e. meeting or NPYM committee) that is the result of decisions at the CC level, e.g. seasoning a concern for Annual Session, cooperating with other Meetings or a committee on an emerging or converging issue.


5. Facilitate communication between NPYM committees and local meetings or individual Friends. Get local and regional Friends talking about issues that concern NPYM, e.g. Peace and Justice or First day education issues.


6. Encourage, facilitate, and help publicize YM wide activities, e.g. retreats, workshops, Annual Session.


7. Encourage individuals in your circle of Friends to participate in NPYM (this could be through service on a committee, attendance at annual session, or participation at other NPYM sponsored events.).


8. Learn about the wider world of Friends and how NPYM relates to various Quaker organizations. Educate your meeting or committee about these organizations and encourage participation in the wider world of Friends.


9. Assist NPYM Nominating and Annual Session Planning Committees to find people to fill the various positions.


10. Be prepared to serve on sub or ad hoc committees of the CC including the pre-nominating committee.


MEETINGS: The committee will meet once in the fall and once in the spring and at least once at Annual Session. Meetings other than the one(s) at Annual Session will take place in either Portland or Seattle. It is likely that meetings will take place over a weekend, i.e. last more than one day.


Reimbursement is provided for "office expense" (LD phone calls, postage, and photocopy) for these responsibilities. Travel expense is reimbursed according to the NPYM travel reimbursement policy. Submit reimbursement request with receipts to NPYM Treasurer.