Annual Session Program Coordinator

(AKA Program Clerk)

Job description approved by NPYM Steering Committee, January 2009


Appointed by: NPYM at Annual Session

Nominated by NPYM Nominating Committee

Term Starts: October 1

Term Length: 1 year

Reports to: Annual Session Planning Committee (ASPC)

Works Primarily with: ASPC


Definition: As a member of the ASPCserves as the clerk of the program sub committee. Coordinates the planning and activities of all areas of the Annual Session (worship sharing, interest groups, creative activities, children’s program, Junior Friends, Young Friends) except for the Plenaries.


Tasks and Timelines


October through January

  • Work with others from ASPC to find Friends willing to serve as coordinators for the following: Worship Sharing, Interest Groups, Creative Activities, and Family Night

  • Distribute files which include reports from past years and other pertinent information to Friends taking on these tasks.


  • Meet with the rest of the ASPC to decide on a theme and how to carry that theme throughout the various events and programs.

  • Discuss with Jr. and Young Friends how much overlap there will be between their programs and the regular adult program.

  • Help determine budget for Planning Committee expenses which are different

from AS event expenses. Help others on the program sub-committee maintain these budget distinctions

  • Expenditures charged to the planning committee are related to planning efforts. In general these costs would still be incurred if the Annual Session were canceled.

  • Expenditures charged to the Annual Session event are those related to its on-site activities. In general these costs would not be incurred if the Annual Session were canceled.

  • Even with these definitions, the line is fuzzy. Another distinction, then, is those people whose expenditures are mostly prior planning should charge to the Planning Committee, and those whose expenditures are mostly for the event (paper, paint, play dough, etc.) should charge to the event.

  • Help others on the planning subcommittee, both in following through with their assigned tasks, and with maintaining the two separate budgets.




  • Work with the Presiding Clerk and the General Arrangements clerk to finalize the schedule.

  • Share the draft schedule with others on the planning committee, and with the JF and YF, and with others who are involved in AS planning but who may not be on the planning committee

  • Contact NPYM committees to schedule committee meeting times

  • In consultation with the clerk, who has primary responsibilities for the plenaries, make arrangements with the Quaker Organizations which will be making presentations at AS. (the 3 big organizations AFSC, FWCC, FCNL generally rotate presentations on a 3 year cycle).

  • Make sure that the Interest Group Coordinator has contacted the 3 major Quaker Organizations and others (Friends Peace Teams, Quaker Earthcare Witness, FGC, Pendle Hill, etc,) inviting them to do interest groups and displays.

  • Revise the schedule after receiving feedback from others



  • Present final draft of schedule to the ASPC. Make revisions based on feedback


May to Annual Session

  • Coordinate meeting space and display area needs with General Arrangements and Physical Arrangements clerks.

  • Present final copy of the schedule to members of the ASPC

  • Check with planning sub committee members (program coordinators) and assist as needed.


At Annual Session

  • Be available to assist whereever help is needed.


After Annual Session

  • Clarify with program coordinators the need for report on their program activities.

  • Collect these reports by August 14



The Program Clerk prepares an annual report for the program committee files, and submits a copy to the GA Clerk by September 21. This report should include information that would be helpful to the next year’s committee including what worked (or didn’t); and any recommendations for changes to the job description.


The Program clerk shall update files and submit the committee file to the GA clerk by September 21.


Expenses and Travel: Reimbursement is provided for office expenses (long distance phone calls, postage copying, etc) Travel expense is reimbursed according to the NPYM travel reimbursement policy. Requests for reimbursement (or reports for “in kind” donations) with receipts should be submitted to the NPYM treasurer.