Annual Session Physical Arrangements Clerk

Job description approved by NPYM Steering Committee, January 2009


Appointed by: NPYM at Annual session

Nominated by: NPYM Nominating Committee

Term length: one year (reappointment possible)

Reports to: General Arrangements Clerk

Works Primarily with: General Arrangements Clerk and site of Annual Session


Definition Coordinates physical facilities (room, spaces, supplies) needed for Annual Session with the Physical facilities actually available at the site.


Tasks and Timelines:


October – February

  • Works with GA clerk and with suggestions from Nominating committee finds Friends willing to be sign maker, and transportation coordinator, and other tasks that may need doing.

  • Checks with the site (with a visit if necessary) to discern the following

    • What kind of rooms, spaces, supplies will be available

    • What kind of accessibility problems will be encountered

    • Who will be the on site contact person(s)

    • What spaces will need to be locked or unlocked

    • Handicapped needs: ramps, gates, etc

    • Are there any rules that might restrict activities?

    • What supplies (napkins, audio visual, etc) can be procured from the site

  • Work with others on the AS planning committee to get a sense of what kinds of spaces and supplies will be needed at what times during the AS


March - Annual Session

  • Make final arrangements with the site about what spaces and supplies will be needed. (As much as possible arrange to use spaces that we are already renting – for example lounges in dorms rather than spaces that will cost extra – like classrooms).

  • Make arrangements for on campus accessibility needs – golf carts, or shuttles from one part of campus to another, elevator access, etc. (Transportation coordinator should handle arrangements for arrival and departures of Friends using public transportation to get to AS).

  • Prepare (or obtain) a site map that indicates where various functions of AS will be held.

  • Prepare a list of nearby off site recreational facilities and resources.


During Annual Session

  • Post signs to direct Friends around campus

  • Watch for accessibility problems and work out alternatives where needed

  • Obtain supplies that are not available from the site

  • Keep track of who is doing what and where and make changes as necessary.

  • Assist GA clerk in closing down AS and packing things up. (take down signs,etc)



After Annual Session

  • Obtain evaluations from transportation coordinator, sign maker, and others, about how things went for them.

  • Prepare an annual report for the Physical Arrangements file, and submits a copy to the GA Clerk by September 21. This report should include information that would be helpful to the next year’s committee including what worked (or didn’t); and any recommendations for changes to the job description. Include information from subgroups.


The Physical arrangements clerk shall update files and submit the complete file to the GA clerk by September 21.


Expenses and Travel: Reimbursement is provided for office expenses (long distance phone calls, postage copying, etc) "Travel expense is reimbursed according to the NPYM travel reimbursement policy. Requests for reimbursement (or reports for “in kind” donations) with receipts should be submitted to the NPYM treasurer prior to August 31.