North Pacific Yearly Meeting

of the Religious Society of Friends (QUAKERS)

Active and Joyful Playshop

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Active and Joyful

∙ What if we were in Meeting for Business and a giggly game got started?

∙ Can Friends sing together in expectant silent worship?

∙ What light can we shine in the midst of competitive sports?

∙ Is Sunday School for kids’ too boisterous while Meeting for adults is too serious? Could we all meet in the middle?

∙ Is physical exercise a spiritual discipline? If it’s yoga? Walking? Weight training?

Come play with these ideas and share in experiments with a mirthful spirituality. Active and Joyful will bring Friends together in Spokane, Washington for a play-shop on July 14th and 15th, just before the NPYM Annual Session.

New Games, Light and Livelies and Godly Play are the session topics. Group singing will serve as a transition and glue between and throughout.

The event Sponsors are the NPYM Youth Committee and Western Friend.

Presenters and topics include:

  • Ethen Perkins from Eugene Friends Meeting and the Alternatives to Violence Project will share Light & Lively activities to spice up any meeting.

  • Gerhardt Quast of Bridge City Friends Meeting will lead us in Singing together.

  • Katherine Spinner, University Friends Meeting, teaches Godly Play: storytelling with Spirit.

  • Jay Thatcher from Corvallis Friends Meeting offers some Friendly twists on New Games and Creative Dramatics.

You’ll want to come if:

∙ your bottom gets tired and your mind gathers wool in meetings or discussions.

∙ you’d like to sing together, but aren’t sure your voice is up to it.

∙ you’re looking for an inspiring way to share an old story with young children.

∙ you want to play, but not like the competition you see on TV.

∙ the mirth in your heart needs a little lubrication.

Programs will fit for most Friends of ages 11 to 111. On request, we will arrange care for younger children.

Participation will include a variety of activity levels. No one need feel left out due to ability or lack.

Plan to arrive a day early for North Pacific Yearly Meeting’s Annual Session. Lodging at Whitworth University will be open early for attenders. The workshop will be held at the home of Spokane Friends Church, 1612 W. Dalke Ave.–just one block south of West Francis, the building lies between Maple and Ash Streets.

Costs will be moderate: $48 to eat meals provided for the group, $22 if you provide for yourself. Housing at Whitworth is an additional $28. Children’s program staff and volunteers may attend at no charge. Register along with the following annual session at

Register at You can include the playshop fees along with your payment for annual session.

Suggested Schedule:

Tuesday 7/14/2015

Dinner and conversation

a brief introductory experience led by each presenter


retire to Whitworth for sleep

Wednesday 7/15/2015

6:30 Morning walk, run or yoga for some

8:00 Breakfast and some information sharing with those who came in late last night

9:30 Faith & Play

10:15 Light & Livelies

11:00 Friendly Games and Plays

11:45 Summaries, evaluations, reflections

Singing to punctuate each session

12:30 Lunch

For more or Jay Thatcher, Children’s Program Coordinator (541) 758-9333