North Pacific Yearly Meeting

of the Religious Society of Friends (QUAKERS)

Here are the most recently received epistles published by other meetings

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PDF icon Alaska Friends Conference 2016135.04 KB
PDF icon Aotearoa New Zealand Yearly Meeting 201872.56 KB
PDF icon Australia Yearly Meeting 2018223.13 KB
PDF icon Baltimore Yearly Meeting 2018156.79 KB
PDF icon Belgium & Luxembourg Yearly Meeting 201868.19 KB
PDF icon Britain Yearly Meeting 2018211.97 KB
PDF icon Canadian Yearly Meeting 2016255.68 KB
PDF icon Central European Gathering 2017339.62 KB
PDF icon Central & Southern Africa Yearly Meeting 201649.64 KB
PDF icon Chavakali Yearly Meeting 2017102.09 KB
PDF icon Cuba Yearly Meeting 201871.41 KB
PDF icon Denmark Yearly Meeting 2016106.67 KB
PDF icon European & Middle East Young Friends Spring Gathering 20181.03 MB
PDF icon FGC Friends for LGBTQ Concerns 2018 4.44 MB
PDF icon Fellowship of Friends of African Descent 2016139.33 KB
PDF icon France Yearly Meeting 201885.12 KB
PDF icon FWCC - Asia & West Pacific Section 2018204.84 KB
PDF icon FWCC Europe & Middle East Section 201748 KB
PDF icon German Yearly Meeting 2018235.93 KB
PDF icon Great Plains Yearly Meeting 201851.89 KB
PDF icon Illinois Yearly Meeting 2017162.63 KB
PDF icon Indiana Yearly Meeting 2018123.33 KB
PDF icon Intermountain Yearly Meeting 2018124.61 KB
PDF icon Intermountain Yearly Meeting Senior Young Friends 201863.41 KB
PDF icon Intermountain Yearly Meeting Junior Young Friends 201888.85 KB
PDF icon Iowa Conservative Yearly Meeting 201884.24 KB
PDF icon Iowa Conservative Yearly Meeting Junior YM 201851.38 KB
PDF icon Iowa Conservative Yearly Meeting Young Friends 201811.28 KB
PDF icon Ireland Yearly Meeting 201886.13 KB
PDF icon Japan Yearly Meeting 2017118.36 KB
PDF icon Lake Erie Yearly Meeting 201682.39 KB
PDF icon General Meeting of Friends in Mexico 201881.41 KB
PDF icon Monteverde Monthly Meeting 2017308.36 KB
PDF icon Netherlands Yearly Meeting 2018125.94 KB
PDF icon New England Yearly Meeting 2018215.72 KB
PDF icon New York Yearly Meeting 201665.66 KB
PDF icon Nordic Gathering 2017166.29 KB
PDF icon North Carolina Conservative Yearly Meeting 201852.2 KB
PDF icon North Carolina Conservative Yearly Meeting Youth 201820.71 KB
PDF icon Northern Yearly Meeting 2017267.68 KB
PDF icon Northwest Yearly Meeting 201639.4 KB
PDF icon Norway Yearly Meeting 201640.56 KB
PDF icon Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting 2018229.19 KB
PDF icon Pacific Northwest Quaker Women's Theology Conference 2018121.22 KB
PDF icon Pacific Yearly Meeting 2018254.79 KB
PDF icon Philadelphia Yearly Meeting 2016138.25 KB
PDF icon Piedmont Friends Yearly Meeting 2017539.92 KB
PDF icon Quaker Council on European Affairs General Assembly 201879.13 KB
PDF icon Ramallah Monthly Meeting 2017490.1 KB
PDF icon Sierra Cascades Yearly Meeting 2017187.48 KB
PDF icon Southeastern Yearly Meeting 2017115.42 KB
PDF icon Southern Appalachian Yearly Meeting 2016330.22 KB
PDF icon Soy Yearly Meeting 2018192.2 KB
PDF icon Sweden-YM-2018.pdf57.69 KB
PDF icon Switzerland Yearly Meeting 2018400.96 KB
PDF icon Tanzania Yearly Meeting 201667.17 KB
PDF icon Uganda Yearly Meeting 20184.19 MB
PDF icon Western Yearly Meeting 2018476.89 KB
PDF icon Wilmington Yearly Meeting 201823.58 KB